The Best Server Monitoring For Your Web

When I decided to buy a self hosting, I always think that it’s better than a free hosting. Finally, after 1-2 month, I’ve got the reality that it’s true. But, when it comes to 5 month, my web server is often going down. I don’t know anything about when it comes, what’s the problem. All I do is just waiting patiently until that problem is fixed and I feel comfortable and blogging again.

But once upon a time, I need to edit my blog themes into better layout. So, I decided to edit it online (before that, I always edit my theme offline by using local host server), because my idea is coming at that time and I don’t want to wait until it’s gone. But, when I’ve got 50 percent finished, the server is going down! Oh My God, this is like a nightmare! My theme is still like a mess. And I don’t want anybody knows that theme. I don’t want people said that I have a bad taste of web design.

What am I suppose to do right now but wait and wait until the server is up again? But, how long? Should I just sit down on the chair and in front of the monitor and do nothing but wait until it’s fix? Oh My God, I feel stress and frustrated.

Finally, while the server is going down, I browse to search engine and find hyperic. The server monitoring application with the best system management on entire world. I apply and finally I know what is the problem to my web server. The application is very help me. I can monitoring all of my server do. When it close to problem, I’m ready to that situation and find the answer or call my web server admin. I never stress again and enjoy my business without feel confuse and frustrate.


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