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When I browse something to search engine, I accidentally find this site: This site is very comfortable to see. It has a soft brown color and has a simplicity style. This site offer new and refurbished switches. Not only switches, but also routers and security products from Cisco which is Authorized, Nortel, Juniper, and many product like Extreme, Foundry, 3COM, Enterasys, HP. The hardware that offered, has audited and tested. You will get 5 year warranty for unconditional situation.

If you explore inside, you will find a link that will go to Network Security. If you click that link, you will find a lot of network security such as Barracuda, Check Point, Cisco Firewalls, and many more. What is barracuda? barracuda is name of Spam Firewall that protect your email server from spam, virus or spoofing. There are a lot of explanation if you explore inside into the links.

When I click on this link: Networking, I don’t know, there’s no explanation about anything. The page is only consists of blank letter with header and sidebar. Maybe this page is awaiting for update. But I think it will be fixed soon as possible.

There are a lot of server in this site. Such as Aten KVM Switches, Aten Video Splitters, Aten Video Switch and many more. You can choose what you want according what you need. For axample, if you wanna have server that provide One console that controls four computers, you can choose Analog KVMs. Just feel free to choose, because you have to choose suitable for your need. Don’t waste your money because you buy the wrong or “too much” ability product.

If you addicted with telecommunication, you can click on Telecommunications page. There are many of telecommunication available to this site, such as Cisco IP Phones, Cisco UC500 Series, Used Avaya Definity and many more. I like this one: Cisco-7910. I’m working at lab where telephone traffic is at a minimum. So, I need this telephone. Because this phone supports a single telephone line and one directory number and displayed information. So, it makes it easy to use phone features.


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