Your Guide To Get Travel Equipment

A few days later, I have a plan to go traveling with my new friend. We meet each other by social network and we have same hobby and interest. I go to his house and talk about this travel. I don’t wanna have a bad travel. So, I have to prepare everything. I will go with his brother too and not only one day or two days travel, but a week travel!

For that reason, I need a few clothes, sleeping bag and tents. We will travel by train, so we don’t need a car rental. But for Travel Essentials, we must have it. Such as shirt with long sleeves that useful for changing climates. If the climate is hot, we just roll up the sleeves. If the weather is rain, we need A lightweight rain jacket. The next important thing is Travel alarm clocks. Without that we usually lulled into sleep.

When we do a Road Trip, we don’t know what will happen to our trip, so we must prepare for Emergency Kit & First Aid. We still need communication while doing a trip. So, we must bring cell phone.

To make our trip is fun, we have to prepare personal Audio and video too. Because we usually feel boring nothing to do. So, we have to bring MP3 Player to relaxing. With special play list to make memory of the trip. Someday later, when we wanna remember our trip we just play the play list. Playing a game also make your trip is fun.

We choose mountain to be our place to travel. So, we need Camping and Hiking equipment. We have to prepare a weeks supply. So, we need a big bag too. We choose Camping Backpacks for that reason. For a tent, we choose a simple and modern one with a round roof. Little bit expensive but it doesn’t take a long time to build it.

When we doing a hiking, we need special shoes with strong soles to avoid slipping. The important thing of doing camping and hiking is our self. So, we must prepare properly what is save for us. Do not play with bad material. If you don’t have enough money to buy it. You can borrow from your neighbor.

Sometime we have to use our hands when we do a hiking. So, it’s impossible to pick the phone when we hang on the stone. For that reason, we need Bluetooth and Headset. We can continue talking with someone else without using our hands, just wear it on your ear. With bluetooth technology, now, without cable, we can connect our headset to cellphone.

Sometimes we get lost in a lush forest. But don’t worry, now days, we have GPS Devices. GPS is Global Positioning System. Tools that can guide your position and do the right way home. There’s a screen that showing your current position and a 3D map that guide you go to the right way. So, with that tools, your vacation is more fun without any worry.


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