Java Software Solution

Do you have a IT organizations? if you do, do you ever find a constraints of build, run, and manage your software? I have a solution for you. That is is suitable for eliminating enterprise java complexity.

If you visit that website, you will find a fresh design and fresh color. It’s easy to navigate. There are 5 menu on the top. If you wanna join the community of, just click on community menu and create a new account. also has a forums. You can post all that you wanna know about java software, or you can share what you know there, just click on forums menu and register. You can create account for a special offer, just click on account menu. If you needs help, just click on contact menu. You can choose admin that you want to help you, it’s depend on nearest SpringSource office location.

SpringSource also has a blog which is updated regularly. You will learn a lot of tips there and leave a response. It’s a wordpress platform, so, you can leave a comment easily.

There are a lot of product of SpringSource, such as SpringSource Enterprise, SpringSource dm Server, SpringSource tc Server (apache tomcat), SpringSource ERS, SpringSource Tool Suite and SpringSource AMS. The interesting product, of course, the product that include the name tomcat. It’s like a character of serial cartoon on TV, right?


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